Who am I ? 

I am an avid sportsperson who had represented Singapore in athletics at ASEAN Schools during my High School and Junior College days.

As a proud member of the Singapore Police Force during my National Service, I was presented with the Police National Service (PNS) Statuette Award for being the best trainee of my 400+ strong cohort, and later received the TRACOM Commander’s Award in my post as an Instructor, guiding new NS and regular recruits in their Basic Police Training.

After majoring in Finance at National University of Singapore, I pursued and currently hold the professional designations – Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) and Accredited Financial Counsellor. This is out of my keen interest to further my technical knowledge. And because I do not believe in resting on one’s laurels, I have made it a point to constantly upgrade myself as a commitment to the people who work with me.

As a financial planner, I also write articles for publications and have been featured on Augustman, AsiaOne business, Yahoo Finance and DrWealth etc. On top of this, I conduct free Financial Education Workshops in my free time as a way of giving back to the community.

Why Financial Planning?

My parents gave birth to me in their late 30s, which was considered very late for the baby boomers generation here in Singapore. My dad hails from a family of 12 siblings (with the oldest and the youngest sibling having an age difference of 20 years.

Therefore, from a relatively young age, I’ve had the privilege to witness first- hand many of the fundamental challenges our millennials would face in the future, and this is because marriages and childbirth are coming later in our generation.

Being able to witness adult problems at a young age has made me very inquisitive growing up, as I observe many good people suffering from the adversity of living from one pay-cheque to the next. They often have too many days left at the end of the month, and are frequently one unforeseen event away from financial catastrophe.

More often than not, we see so many good and honest people around us, possessing reckless money management skills and an imprudent financial plan. Some were able to retire as planned, but rarely at their desired level of lifestyle.

Some were less fortunate; they failed to retire with dignity when their bodies called it a day. Others even left their families in financial distress when tragedy struck.

I suppose this first led me to dip my feet into the realm of financial planning, and then deciding to make a career out of it advising young professionals just like myself!


Advising Young Professionals

Interestingly, instead of outright asking me to help grow their money, most friends and clients look to me for solutions to systematically save more for their future needs without sacrificing their current lifestyles. They are also aware that they need to protect themselves and their ability to generate an income.

Their biggest fear appears to be that of losing, in old age, the very lifestyle which they are enjoying right now.

As professionals, they know they have the ability to make a good income. However, they also know that they tend to overspend because money seem to come easy when they’re young and good at what they do.


How I Help Young Professionals

I specialize in building lifetime income streams and protecting wealth for young professionals so they can enjoy their desired lifestyle for as long as they want.

While I do not profess that I know-it-all, I truly believe that I can provide something original and extremely useful which would genuinely make a difference to growing a client’s wealth and/or business through financial planning.

It is after all, the profession I chose to specialize in.

To draw parallels with the work of a doctor, he would first have to diagnose the patient’s problem, before prescribing the necessary medication.

Similarly, I make it my professional business practice in understanding a client’s objectives, diagnosing the challenges present in her plans, before prescribing the solutions which will ease the client’s worries, and help build her financial goals.

Furthermore, after years of being in this industry, I strongly believe that people choose to entrust their money, and to an extent, their future and family hopes & dreams because I have dedicated myself to someone just like them.

No matter how brilliant you are, having a trusted friend watch your back and be your extra pair of eyes, will help you to sleep better at night and be less stressed out to enjoy the lifestyle that you have worked so hard for and truly deserve.

Especially in the off-chance that you are no longer around, you would probably want your family’s hopes and dreams to be carried out as planned, and not have them fall into place by accident.

And if you resonate with that, then I can do my best work with you.

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure to meet you and to be of value.