...exudes a strong sense of passion and professionalism in his work as a financial consultant!

“Bingyang exudes a strong sense of passion and professionalism in his work as a financial consultant. I’m happy to engage his financial planning services to plan for my finances ever since I graduated. Being his client for the past 5 years, I’m confident that I’m well prepared and sufficiently covered to attain my financial goals. Thank you for your excellence service!”

Marcus, Marketing Director, 28 years old

I appreciate his honesty, a virtue which is lacking in many financial planners nowadays...

“I would like to thank Bingyang for his excellent services he provided as a financial planner. He is responsible, and always tell you upfront about benefits and costs involved in every policy discussed. He never sugarcoats his words, and I appreciate his honesty, a virtue which is lacking in many financial planners nowadays. It’s a privilege to be your client. Thank you.”

Valerie, Entrepreneur, 27 years old

Personalised Financial Planning

Looking for a financial planner whom you can trust to take care of your finances? Find out I can help you achieve your financial goals with services catered to your needs.

Buying An Insurance? Read This First!

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Research shows that 74% of the Singaporeans are uncertain of their financial future. If you’re one of them, click here to register for an hour of financial consultation, where I will come up with a financial plan that will not only secure your present lifestyle, but will also help you achieve your dream future.

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How do you keep up with rising costs and yet live your dream life? In my Lifestyle Financing Talk, I share with the audience how they can develop their own financial plan that will protect and grow their money, to achieve the lifestyle they dream of.

Financial Workshop

How much do you know about money? The fact is, the more you know about money, the more you know how to handle it! In my financial workshop, I teach people how money works, and how to manage and use it wisely.

Before approaching Bingyang, Heartland Boy first observed from the sidelines by reading the articles that he had written on his website and yahoo finance etc. Moreover, Heartland Boy was also very impressed by his professional qualifications. Convinced, Heartland Boy set up a meeting with Bingyang.

Bingyang did not attempt to sell any insurance policy in the first few meetings. Instead, the time was spent understanding about Heartland Boy’s family nucleus, financial background and financial goals. Won over by his sincerity and patience, Heartland Boy recommended Heartland Girl to Bingyang too.

It was not until the fourth meeting that the Heartland Couple finally signed something with Bingyang. And it was a very simple accident plan for Heartland Girl with a miniscule premium. Heartland Boy can also vouch for Bingyang’s excellent after-sales service since the accident prone Heartland Girl needed to make a policy claim shortly after signing the accident plan. Overtime, the Heartland Couple has developed a friendship with Bingyang and it is truly enjoyable to simply meet up without any hidden agenda from both parties.



I had been afraid of talking about insurance stuff with friends in the insurance business because it’s hard to pick one over another. And sometimes you’re not sure if you’re getting involved in something because you really need it, or because you feel bad turning down a friend. But I’m glad to have spoken to Bingyang, whom I’ve known for a while, after seeing his articles in the media.

He made everything very easy to understand. I like how he never forces his opinions, and how he is honest about what he can do. Also like to add that it is obvious that he’s passionate about his work and very knowledgeable because he is able to enlighten me on a lot of things beyond the products. It’s wonderful building my financial goals with him and I really can’t thank him enough.

Kian Meng

Government Scholar, 28

Dear Bingyang,

You are different from the other agents/advisors I’ve interacted before – but in a good way. You have a high level of professionalism but without losing the human touch, which made working with you more enjoyable.

Besides listening to my questions, you probed further to better understand my position and to offer your advice. I truly believe that you are invested in guiding laypersons like myself towards making sensible financial planning. Many thanks!


Graduate Associate, 23

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