I love going to theme parks, even though i’m not a big fan of Roller Coasters.
I take great delight in people-watching and soaking in the positive energy at theme parks where everybody is happy. It’s a far cry from the world outside where most people don’t seem to enjoy their lives and are living from paychecks to paychecks. Take the MRT during rush hour and you will know what i mean.
Over time I’ve also come to realise that theme parks, such as Universal Studios and especially Disneyland, are popular because they are extremely successful in selling you a dream… a dream that anything you want will come true if you just BELIEVE hard enough in yourself (and fairies).
Back to Roller Coasters. To me, they are simply a part of the big picture. Everything else in the theme park is supporting cast to you (and your inner child)… the roller coasters, the fireworks, the laughter, the music in the background, even the ushers who greet and welcome you to each and every attraction… It is a very unique and magical experience that cannot be easily replicated outside, and it is just so very exciting!!
But what if you can somehow find a way to bring that kind of energy out into your ‘real’ life? What if you can bring out your inner child more often? What if you can start to believe more strongly in your dreams?
Will your life change for the better?
I know mine will. So now and then I remind myself to “don’t stop believing” even when nothing seems to go right.