Passion [pash-uh n] noun: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something

Have you ever met somebody with an insatiable passion for what he or she does?

This person may appear to be talking at random and barely anything makes sense (yea you may try but you don’t REALLY know WTF the guy is saying or WHY he is talking like his life depends on it).

This happens especially if the subject is something that you either are still a novice in or have little enthusiasm for.

Yet, the energy and level of intensity that he speaks at about his passion ‘moves’ you. It propels you to want to do something too, to stop sitting on the fence and get a move on.

And the reason is this: Energy is infectious. Energy is transferable.

Maria Rosaria Sannino_Tango Passion

Pulse of Music

Today I visited a friend’s music studio (update:

Yi Zhe is someone I’ve known for many, many years, but never took the time to really listen to or understand as a person.

After years of internal conflict, my friend chose to give up a potentially (financially) rewarding path to pursue his true passion in music, which he hopes to use as a medium, to achieve his other passion of creating an impact in someone else’s life.

He patiently explained his philosophy for the business and even let me sit in on one of his recording sessions with a young and talented music artist by the name of Mitchell Fu.

*Do check out my young friend’s Youtube Channel (*

I feel most powerful whenever I see the hunger and hear the intensity of an individual’s story; their longing/yearning for a brighter future.

This always rejuvenates me and recharges my batteries. It also makes me want to go out of my way to help these people achieve their goals.

From Left to Right: Mitchell, Yi Zhe, Bingyang

From Left to Right: Mitchell, Yi Zhe, Bingyang


Whenever I’m asked by those close to me, “How are you doing? 工作会不会辛苦?”

My standard reply would be “当然。Anything worth doing is tough. But everyday I count my blessings because I love what I do.”

Insomnia Cured Here_Charlie Chaplin

Then once in a while, with a perplexed look on his face, someone would follow up with “Huh? You love talking about insurance and finance?”

No my friend, of course not. Who does?

How many of us are really excited and passionate talking about dying prematurely, contracting an illness, meeting with a disability, or living too long?

However, my passion is in knowing how I can make a beneficial difference in someone else’s life.

My passion is in helping people see and believe in their greater potential. To help them see what they might not see on their own. To develop even more vigour, more heart, more soul, more PASSION.

To do the best they can with what they have.

My passion is not just in helping in their finances, but in their lives too.

In today’s world, almost everything is integrated. You can’t be free to build a life if you are always behind on your payments. You can’t have the peace of mind to pursue your dearest goals and aspirations if you are not financially secure.

My passion and my role as a financial planner is in helping people to secure their financial status by growing and protecting their money, to make things certain in an uncertain world, so that they are free to pursue the things that keep them up all night; things that make them jump out of their beds in the mornings; things that cause them to talk at random and barely make sense to the uninformed.

Jörg Schubert_do it with passion or not at all

Before leaving the music studio, I told my friends to “Never let that passion die.”

I wasn’t expecting a reply from these guys.


What about you? What is your passion?

How would it feel to be able to pursue what you love?

How would living life on your own terms look like?

If that’s what you want, you got to take responsibility. And if you have read till the end of this post, I know you are already doing so. If you haven’t, I know you will.

I believe in you.